The Most and Least Expensive Campsites in 30 Countries Around The World


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At Campsy, we help travellers find the perfect campsite for their wants and needs. Each year, more and more people enjoy going camping, and the range of campsites on offer is also diversifying. Over the last ten years, spawned by the ‘glamping’ trend, where campsites offer ‘a fusion of glamour and camping’ for the more sophisticated traveller, we’ve seen an increase in luxury tents being offered as accommodation. For us, this luxury phenomenon shows that sleeping in a tent and enjoying the great outdoors has a universal appeal.

But how luxurious can camping get? We wanted to see if a big-budget yet rustic trend was still in vogue, so we conducted a deep dive into the price and availability of luxury tents around the world. After finding sites in over 30 nations, we used our own data and research to compare the price of a luxury tent to the least expensive alternative in each country. Below, we’ve calculated how many nights stay in a basic campsite can be afforded for the price of one night in a luxury tent.

CountryExpensive Campsite NameMost Expensive Tent PriceAffordable Campsite NameMost Affordable Tent PriceCost Difference in nights
United StatesDunton River Camp$1538.47Congaree Camping, South Carolina$5.13300.0
South AfricaGorah Elephant Camping$962.05Shik Shack Backpackers$5.83165.1
ThailandHintok River Camp$512.83Rabiang Doi$3.50146.7
TanzaniaSingita Explore Mobile Tented Camp$1230.77Ilboru Visiwani Campsite$10.49117.3
AustraliaGawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris$1871.80Beehwah Camp Away$16.32114.7
IndonesiaAmanwana$871.80Bajo View$8.16106.9
IndiaAman-i-Khas$948.73Janardan Resort Churaini$9.32101.7
UKMill Farm Glamping$441.03Vallis Veg$4.6694.6
Sri LankaMaster Campers$615.39Freedom Camp$6.9988.0
CanadaClayoquot Wilderness Resort$1623.59Mamareh Campground$19.8181.9
JordanDiscovery Bedu$923.08Al Nawatef Camp$11.6679.2
GermanyBreezy Safari$427.38Camping Im Rehwinkel$5.8373.3
CambodiaFour Rivers Floating Lodge$265.65Everythang$5.8345.6
ChileEco Camp, Patagonia$683.08Camping Mihinoa$15.1545.1
MexicoBaja Camp$512.83Koa Campgrounf Luna$11.6644.0
KenyaNaboisho Camp$410.26Elmolo Backpackers$11.6635.2
NetherlandsSleeping with Van Gogh$153.84Het Kleine Laar$5.2529.3
BelgiumDomaine des P'tits Leus$139.87Camping L'Aire del Foy$5.8324.0
SloveniaCharming Slovenia$248.21Robinson River Camp$11.6621.3
PortugalTipi Algarve$201.03Parq Camp Biscoitos$11.6617.2
FranceLe Clos de Saires$143.60Camping La Chaumiere$8.5316.8
New ZealandCastaways Resort$345.64Hillview Campsite$22.1515.6
DenmarkBornholm Yurts$98.63Bellahoj Camping$10.659.3
ItalyVedetta Glamping$168.20Camping Ciauli$18.659.0
CroatiaObonjan Island Resort$148.72Biokovo$17.488.5
IrelandThe Old Forge Glamping$101.53Strand Camping$13.997.3
AustriaNature Resort Natterer See$82.06Thermencamping Oberschuetzen$11.257.3
SpainGlamping Dehesa de las Yeguas$112.82Sant Salvador$17.326.5
OmanCanvas Club$512.83Sama Al Wasil$118.894.3
MontenegroBuzuku Luxury Tents$57.44Full Monte$23.312.5
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We conducted our research in the most popular destinations for luxury camping, using multiple sites and with the Campsy database. Luxury camping sites needed to include at least one tent option. We looked at the cost of one night’s stay for one person in the tent option provided by the luxury camping sites. If the luxury camping sites did not offer a tent option, they were removed from the list. The night researched was 12th August 2017.

Once we had a list of countries where luxury camping in a tent was an option, we researched the cost of staying in a simple one man tent at a basic, no-frills campsite for one night on the same date, 12 August 2017. We looked at extensive lists of campsites to identify directly from the source of each destination the cheapest campsite available.

Once we had the price for one night’s stay in a luxury tent compared to the price for one night in a simple tent at a basic campsite, we could work out how many night’s stay could be enjoyed at a basic campsite compared to the price of one night’s luxury camping, by dividing the luxury camping price by the basic camping price.

The research was carried out in early June 2017. Any countries that did not have a glamorous camping option and a basic camping option available were omitted from the list.